June 15, 2013

The Easton Rotary Club has been a major partner in our quest to build this wonderful facility. When we were first planning the project the Club came to us and indicated that they would donate $100,000 in honor of their up coming 100th anniversary as a Club. As a result of this very generous donation the field that we have today was named Eaton Rotary Field. We are very proud of this partnership. At one of the baseball games on June15th Mike Woodley, President of the Rotary Club presented the final check of the donation. The Board of Directors and our athletes and their parents thank the Rotary Club members both past and present for the dedication that they have had in raising this amount of money over many years. Service clubs are very important to our society and this is a great example of their generosity. In the picture President Woodley presents the check to League President Ric Agretto and members of the Yankees and Orioles.

Tyra of the Interact Group of Easton Area High School presents a check for $175 to Ric Agretto, President of the Miracle League of Northampton County. Interact is a service organization supported by the Rotary Club. Students from the Interact Club fundraise and donate to local and global organizations. MLNC thanks the club for their support of children with physical and intellectual disabilities who play on the baseball field.